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How to become Vip User to download at Vip Category!
Register new account and Upgrade Premium Prefiles get bonus Vip User to download V-I-P source.

Warning!!! : Please do step by step below instruction to get Vip User

Step 1: Important: If you already had on old account Prefiles somewhere, please logout it frist. And prepare a brand new email. to Register New Account Premium Prefiles.

Step 2: Then click our banner Prefiles on website
or via this link
to Register New Account Prefiles with brand new email (Please help us: Don't login old account prefiles and Use new email to register).

Step 3: Upgrade Premium your Prefiles account

30days Premium will receive Vip User 30days

90days Premium will receive Vip User 90days

180days Premium will receive Vip User 180days

360days Premium will receive Vip User 360days

When you done, please send email to to active Vip User.

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18-06-2018, 20:38
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Instruction to register Prefiles premium account!
Instruction to register Prefiles premium account to download files. If you already had on old account somewhere, please logout and follow the instruction below to register new account.

1) Please click banner on our website GFXCOSY.COM or click Banner below:

Instruction to register Prefiles premium account!

2) Then fill info and create free account:

3) Log in to your email and click Active my account to start using account Prefiles

4) Log in your Prefiles account and click Plans & Pricing:
You can choose 30days 90days 180days or 360days then click Credit Card #1 or Credit Card #2 to upgrade Premium and download anyfile.

P/S: You only need to register Prefile account through our banner 1 time. After your account expired, just click on Plan & Pricing to extend your premium. You don't need to create a new account.

Best Regards,
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